The world would be a kinder place if everyone helped out.

ECHO aims to reform the culture around mental health in Malaysia by teaching Mental Health First Aid to different industries. What sets ECHO apart from other mental health organizations is our customizability. Our services are curated specifically for the client and their needs.

“I needed someone to ask me how I was feeling, so I became the person I needed”

— Samiksha Banu Chandran, Founder



This survey is used as a guide to profile potential issues you or your employees may be having. It does not serve as a diagnostics tool, but instead provides a holistic overview of the company’s culture.


We provide customisable mental health workshops, curated to the company’s needs and priorities.


We provide mental health first aid counseling to your employees. This service is completely confidential and prioritises the client’s needs.

How are you, really?

ECHO’s survey allows individuals to understand and identify challenges they may be struggling with. This survey covers three aspects: mental health, physical health and work-life balance. Remember that the final score is not a diagnosis, simply an analysis based on your answers.

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